How It Works

Let Us Finance Your Business!

The online application is fast and easy. A few minutes and you are on your way to a cash injection.

It takes only a few minutes online to get started...

Don't waste endless hours dealing with the bank! We have created an accelerated financing program that offers business owners the ability to apply and qualify for funds in as little as 24 hours.

As soon as you make a request for financing we asses your application based on your most recent business activity. Once approved we develop a custom payback plan designed to encourage your business's growth while protecting your cash flow.

Simply stated, we are purchasing a percentage of your future sales based on an agreed upon factor rate that works with your business. When you make sales our automated process will deduct a small percentage as a means to payback your funded amount.

Our customized approach to funding and repayment means that payback is made only when your business can afford it! When sales are slow, repayment is less.


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